Human kindness

Film Synopsis

In a culture disconnected, what connects everyone?


In a new inspiring documentary, join Anja and Matej, a crazy couple on a mission to change the world for the voiceless, one another and the planet.

Discover how being kind to animals can save us all.

Anja is a nurse from Switzerland and Matej is a content creator from Slovenia who both fell in love at an animal rights workshop.

The film follows their inspiring mission to have a completely vegan wedding while carrying out animal rights events and discovering the global dilemma so many people still face when their love for animals is compromised when we sit at a table to eat.

The fllm features exclusive interviews with various vegan and non-vegan experts, farmers, influencers, vegan celebrities and ordinary people who love animals and face this dilemma on a daily basis.

Anja and Matej take audiences on their exciting journey to explore what solutions exist now and in the future on how we use our combined Humankindness to live in a better world for everyone on the planet.

Film Production Status

The film is independently funded and 50% has been shot with the remaining 50% to be completed in 2023 after the completion of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on May 1st 2023. The film is actively seeking additional production funding, executive producers, film grants and a relevant distributor whose values fit with that of the story of the film.

The Filmmakers

Anja Glivar:

Anja Glivar is a 27 years old nurse with strong ethics and a true humanitarian.

She is passionate about helping animals and takes part in planning and being part of events to raise awareness about animal exploitation.

“I chose to be a nurse because ethics has always been and will always be a very important topic in my life. I decided to live vegan for the very same reason: because I realized that my moral values and ethics should not only apply to the human species, but to all beings with whom we share this planet. When I visited a local dairy farm and saw what was done to the cows and their babies so I could drink milk, I very quickly stopped being part of that cruel system.”

I am so happy to have found in Matej a man who accompanies me on this mission to fight for the weaker ones.”

Matej Glivar:

Born on a farm whose father had a fish store for more than 30 years, he was a promising athlete competing in hammer throw where he reached 14th place in the World Youth Championship in Athletics.

His journey to veganism began when he innocently watched an interview with a scientist Dr Michael Greger, who was talking about how consuming meat, eggs, dairy and fish are related to the most common diseases people suffer from as humanity.

“I tried it for a few days and realized that I do not need to eat animals to survive or for my health. But most importantly I realised I do not want to support animal industries anymore. I always loved animals and protected them when needed, but I forgot or closed my eyes when I was eating them since I did not connect how much suffering I produce with my lifestyle. With my new attitude, all the best things happen to me.

I met and married the love of my life, moved out from Slovenia and started to work on my business in an ethical way. Finally, I follow my mission.”

The Film’s Message

Anja and Matej believe the global and social narrative humans have about animals is clouded with traditions, double standards, social pressure and misinformation. It is causing massive undue & unnecessary suffering of the animals and human health issues. They want to discover the solution and inspire others to change through their example and the many forms of HumanKindness they will explore.

This film arose from their desire to use their love for one another to understand that we can all learn a new way to express our kindness to end the animal dilemma. Why don’t we treat all animals with care & respect and end their suffering on multiple levels?

The film will have high production values similar in style to the documentary films, ‘The Game Changers’, ‘Cowspiracy’, ‘What the Health’ and’ Seaspiracy’.


Like Glivars


 Directed by Anja Gilvar Matej Glivar

 Producer / Marketing Consultant

Darren Cavanagh

Running time: 90 mins (TBC)

Release Date: 2023

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